"Raise the Barre" at Buxton Opera House

Our previous full school production, 'Raise the Barre' was performed at Buxton Opera House on Monday 10 April 2017. Tickets had sold out in a matter of days, and every seat was filled with an appreciative audience to give us the full West End experience!

Programmes were sold in aid of the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Appeal Sheffield - click to see inside.
Click on any of the photographs to open a larger version and scan through the whole evening in pictures.

On Broadway

The pictures start as the show opened... on Broadway!

Past our Bedtime

Some of our younger dancers took to the stage next, despite it being Past Our Bedtime.

Excerpts from Swan Lake

Former principal ballerina Victoria Westall-Eyre choreographed and directed a beautiful arrangement from Swan Lake, danced here by some of our senior pupils.

Street, Contemporary, Acro and Physical Theatre

The first half concludes with a showcase of our more progressive work - Street, Contemporary, Acro and the only spoken performance of the evening, the enchanting 'Tree'.

After the Interval

Raise the curtain for the second half for Michael Jackson and more!

Get Tappy

Now focus on the fancy footwork as we Get Tappy.

Excerpts from the Nutcracker

Time to get festive - these dances and pictures tell the story of the Nutcracker.

The big build-up...

... to Adult Modern and the Grand Finale!